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General & Preventive Dentistry in St. Cloud

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One of the best ways to prevent future dental concerns is to catch them early, with strong dental care and optimal at-home dental care routines.

We are a comprehensive dental office that believes prevention is the key to your dental care. Our philosophy of “Caring Better Together” means that we work together with you, keeping you involved in your dental care for a better outcome. Not only do we focus on your oral health, but also aim to focus every little detail to make for a better patient experience.

This includes asking you about your general health history in order to tailor our treatment offerings to meet your specific oral health goals and needs.

General Dentistry Solutions

Comprehensive Exams

Comprehensive exams are the first step to catching oral health concerns before they become a major concern. Our oral health exams include regular screenings for TMD as well as full-mouth diagnostic photos using our intraoral camera.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer can be hard to detect, and regular screenings are vital for catching it early! All new patients receive an oral cancer screening at their first appointment, and then at every hygiene visit after.


X-rays provide a critical view of the mouth and jaw in order to catch any major dental concerns that may not be visible to the naked eye. Our practice utilizes innovative x-ray technologies including digital x-rays and panoramic x-ray imaging.

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Professional Cleanings

Professional cleanings provide a strong foundation to support your at-home oral health routine and give you the clean feeling you desire. We utilize Cavitron technology to scale and clean your teeth, as well as MicroLux for transillumination to catch cracks and cavities early.

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Periodontal Therapy

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, can develop rapidly and affect overall body health. We offer regular screenings for gum disease at all of our appointments, as well as periodontal therapies including scaling and root planing, and Arestin antibiotic treatment for more advanced cases.

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Cavities can be sneaky, and can wreak major havoc on your overall oral health. At the end of your hygiene appointment, we recommend the application of a sealant to all chewing surfaces of the teeth in order to protect against cavities.

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Grinding of teeth can cause extensive tooth and jaw damage, as well as the damage incurred from playing sports. For bruxism, or grinding, we offer custom-fit mouthguards. For children playing sports, we also offer custom-fit sports mouthguards to protect your child’s gentle teeth.

Children’s Dentistry

As a full-service dental office, we are proud to provide dental services to children ages one and older. We have a dedicated waiting area in our office specifically for children, in order to ease any of their dental anxieties. Our staff will walk your child through each step of the dental process so that they feel comfortable and heard.