New Patients

New Patients are Always Welcome at River City Dental

We welcome new patients to River City Dental.  Whether it’s been 6 months or 16 years, you will feel comfortable and at home here.  You will not be judged or lectured.  There is no reason to be embarrassed either, we have seen it all!  We share your common goal of optimum oral health, no pain and a beautiful smile.

Your First Appointment

Our new patient experience begins with a doctor’s exam.  We want to provide new patients with a very thorough exam to address all of their oral health needs.  We begin with necessary low radiation digital x-rays and photos of your teeth.  With the photos, we can share things and show you exactly what we see.  You will then have a review of your medical history, an oral cancer screening, periodontal disease evaluation, a cavity detecting exam and a TMJ screening.  You will be informed of treatments that are needed.  This will include things that are of immediate concern and things that will be needed in the future.  The idea is that you will always know what we are doing at the next appointment and there are no surprises.  This is a great opportunity to discuss goals of treatment and discuss any fears or concerns you may have.  It also allows us to coordinate how we can make your treatment experience as positive as possible.

You will then be brought in to a private room with our office manager to discuss cost of treatment.  If you are working with insurance, we will give you an estimate of what your insurance may pay and limits on the plan.  If you are paying cash, we will discuss payment plans and discounts.  One option that will be offered to you is Care Credit.  Care Credit is a health care credit card.  It allows you to get your dental treatment completed while stretching payments out on a deferred interest credit card.  Appointments can then be scheduled to get your teeth cleaned and dental work completed.

Dental Anxiety

If you have had a bad dental experience in the past or are scared in the dental office, we can help!  At your first appointment, we will discuss what happened and how we can help.  We offer headphones and music and a relaxed atmosphere to make you feel in control.  Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) can also be provided.  That is why we consult at the first visit.  We want to know so we can help!

Call us at 320-252-6233 to schedule a new patient appointment or you contact us through the website at  We will answer any additional questions that you may have.