St. Cloud Root Canals

Advanced Endodontic Treatment Redefining Pain-Free Dental Care

The term “root canal” often invokes images of pain, anxiety, and long healing times. However, dental medicine has come a long way, and so has endodontic treatment, or root canals as it is commonly referred to. Generally, root canals are utilized to alleviate severe toothaches or infections. Often, these aches are caused by a bacterial infection, nerve damage, or tooth pulp infection, and need to be treated to prevent further damage. Endodontic treatment may also be warranted for extremely deep cavities, as well as cracked or damaged teeth. With your health as our number one priority, a root canal or endodontic treatment may be the only or best option in order to save natural teeth.


Comfortable and Efficient Endodontic Treatment: Restoring Your Smile with Care

Once your dentist has decided endodontic treatment is warranted, you will be walked through the entire treatment process, allowing you to ask any questions or express concerns. Most often, these types of treatments can be fully completed within 1-2 appointments after diagnostics are complete. Utilizing local anesthesia and minimally invasive technology, we’ll keep you comfortable throughout the procedure.