Bonding, Veneers, & Fillings

Veneers can create the smile that you have always wanted.

Veneers, white (composite) fillings, sealants, and one appointment crowns all use bonding technology to produce a result that is more conservative of tooth structure and more aesthetically pleasing.  At River City Dental, we stay current to offer techniques that are tested to give a quality long term result.  Bonding technologies have really advanced as patients become more aware of its existence.  Because of makeover television shows and more direct marketing towards the patient, many people don’t want to have dark teeth or big silver fillings.  These techniques allow us to place restorations of teeth that are not noticeable and can correct almost any problem.


If a smile makeover is what you are looking for, we can schedule an appointment to sit down and discuss your concerns and needs.  We will address your case and give you options to get what you desire while maintaining optimal oral health.  A consult with one of the doctors is the first step to creating that smile that you have always wanted.


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