Teeth Whitening

Whitening teeth is a very popular procedure.  At River City, you are offered two different techniques.  Night time tray whitening is very effective, and it allows you to proceed at your own pace.  Plastic trays are made to fit your teeth.  At your convenience, a gel is loaded into the tray and worn for an hour or so for a couple weeks.  You can control how white you want your teeth to get by wearing them more or less frequently.  This is a nice option for patients who have sensitive teeth because it lets you control the exposure to the whitening agent.


“Power Whitening” can also be done at our office.  It is intended for very fast results, usually an hour in our office.  A high concentration gel is applied to the teeth in three cycles of 15 minutes.  It provides for very fast results and very white teeth.  You will also receive a set of night time trays to whiten as you wish to keep your teeth and smile looking the way you like.  Call our office, and we can help you decide which method is right for you.


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